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Set.jpg (36909 bytes)The GRC-3030 is a nice design for the era it stems from. Though built in one case, receiver and transmitter are separately tuned - and indeed this is a common denominator with the GRC-9. As it is fully tubes, it has it's dynamotor power supply.
Quite different from other designs I know from it's period is the approach where a separate crystal calibrator is actually part of the system. It reminds me of older sets - but even there, these crystal calibrators  were not a permanent part of the system.

The GRC-3030 is definitely geared to vehicular applications. One could hardly call it portable - well, a two man lift at best. Sometimes it is dubbed the Dutch version of the GRC-9, but I do differ to disagree, if only on these grounds. The GRC-3030 is by it's weight and construction meant to be vehicular, I'd say. The GRC-9 can - and was - used as a man pack radio. It even had a backpack.
However, they work together quite well - the GRC-3030 was designed for getting along with the GRC-9, both were used within the same setting.

Also, the separate audio junction box seems to be a special development, at least one I have not witnessed elsewhere.

Five main parts:
Transceiver - built as separate transmitter and receiverGRC-3030-A.jpg (46701 bytes)
Power Supply
Crystal Calibrator
Audio Junction Box
Mounting Rack - with two levels
Power to Power Supply
Power to Transceiver
Power to Crystal Calibrator
Crystal Calibrator to Transceiver
Transceiver to Audio Junction Box
Minor parts:
Operator lamp - plugged into tot power supply - reminiscent of 19 set. And very, very rare it seems.
Canvas Covering
Morse Key
Spare Parts Box
Audio parts:

No known intercom system...

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