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It is not hard to find a RT-3600 or RT-3610 - but is nearly impossible to find one that has not been demilitarised.
In performing that job in the RT-3600 two modules, numbers 6 and 7, were taken out. And without those the RT-3600 cannot be used as a transmitter. Sometimes these modules can be found separately, but often badly damaged. The micro switches will often be broken, the whole box can be badly dented as removing was often by using the supplied screwdriver as a tool to pry them out by sheer force. Also, when restoring, the modules must be inserted with great care and with the tuning controls as well as the mechanical transmissions on the modules in a precise position. Not for the feint of heart, especially if you do not have the pertaining manual - and even if you do, it's in Dutch. 

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