Canadian Remote Control
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19 Set Wireless Remote Control Unit No.1 (Canadian)

These were our field telephones long ago, connected by wires over the Amsterdam rooftops. I still own the original pair - but they are beyond repair now, as I tried to "better" them by ripping out their innards. However, they can still be found. So I did get other ones, still in their original state.

The Canadian Remote Control - the first Green Radio part I ever possessed:Remote-Control-Canadian.jpg (27286 bytes)

I was lucky; this example seems to have been in the warehouse for many, many years and never was used. Both headphones and microphone were also as new with their cords wrapped up by the factory. Also, it has the original webbing carrying strap - complete with a small extra band with brass buckle. I have no idea what this was meant to be used for and would love to receive an e-mail with information. The stencilling on the outside is in Italian "COMANDO A DISTANZA DEL - N.1 -" - the inside is all in English. Not too strange, as it is known that the Italian Army did use the 19 Set for many years after the Second World War. This example most likely was built during the war and then later given or sold to Italy.


Let's open it up:Remote-Control-Can-open-low.jpg (108783 bytes)

Brand new indeed. The cabling is still very supple, not brittle as often is the case. 




There is an Instruction Plate in English on the inside cover:RemConCanPlateLarge.jpg (212034 bytes)

I do realize this is a rather big image when you click on the thumbnail - but it is readable.

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