TDv 5820/045-12 Funkanlage SEM 25

Published by: Materialamt des Heeres
Published on: 01-09-1987
Original format: Binder
Original size: A5 , 21 by 14.85 centimeters
Language: German
Pages: 128 Fold outs: 4
Replaces: TDv 5820/045-12 (1-6-81)
Known changes:
Aenderung A1
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General remarks:
Latest version known to me.

Einleiting und Inhaltsverzeichnis
Teil 1 Beschreibung
Teil 2 Bedienung und Pflege
Including 2 forms "Proposal for changes" and 1 form "Changes".

Description, operating instructions and small repairs - the field manual.
Supposed to be kept in the actual vehicle, loose leave with plastic covers.

No printed cover - original came in a brown plastic loose leaf binder.
I own 3 copie(s).
Originals available for barter

High quality digitally enhanced copies available for barter!

I do not make a business of selling these - I try to adhere to bartering. However, I do set a certain value for these digitally enhanced copies. I found the item, bought it - or got it on loan - scanned the whole thing in at high resolution, cleaned up the resulting pages (quite a job sometimes) and still have to print them. Mind you, it's worth all my work, these copies are good. Better then the scans you find elsewhere. And if I work from a copy to start with, my results normally look better the the material I started out with. Look here for an example page, from an original manual - probably not the manual offered here.
In order to give you some idea, as a guideline as to the value for my copies I normally use 15 US dollar cent per page.
For this manual, with 132 pages, that would amount to 19.20 US dollars - excluding postage. Find something that interests me - manuals normally do the trick.

Remarks on scan:

Original pages:
Cover 1 & cover 2
I..IX (empty: X)
1..108 (empty: 2, 4, 6, 56, 60, 62, 64, 70, 72
2 Forms Proposal for Changes
1 Form Changes
1 Changes letter

5, 59, 63 and 71 are A4 landscape foldouts, single sided. 83 is an A4 landscape foldouts, double sided
The first fold is inward at 14,8 centimetres from the left hand side, the second fold is outward at 22,2 centimetres from the left hand side, looking at the flat sheet of A4 landscape.