TDv 5820/108-13 Einbausatz Funk für PKW 0,4 t

Published by: Materialamt des Heeres
Published on: 01-01-1988
Original format: Binder
Original size: A4 , 29.7 by 21 centimeters
Language: German
Pages: 216 Fold outs: 10

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General remarks:
Very detailed manual how to fit a SEM 25 or SEM 35 into a small car - the PKW 0,4 t otherwise known as Iltis.
Many drawing, photographs and schematic wiring diagrams.

Einbausatz Funk für PKW 0,4 t Band I Einbausatz für SEM 25/35

Einleiting und Inhaltsverzeichnis
Teil 1 Beschreibung
Teil 2 Bedienung und Pflege
Teil 3 Truppeninstandsetzung
Including 2 forms "Proposal for changes", 1 form "Changes", 5 forms "Antenna Tuning"and 5 forms "Maintenance performed".

Description, operating instructions and small repairs - the field manual to this installation set, including the actual instructions for installing it in the vehicle.
Supposed to be kept in the actual vehicle, loose leave with plastic covers and the various forms to document maintenance and antenna tuning.

First original SEM manual that I ever saw. It was dear enough...

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