TDv 5820/107-13 Band II
Funkgerätsatz SEM 52-S, SEM 52-S/Fz

Published by: Materialamt des Heeres
Published on: 01-07-1984
Original format: Binder
Original size: A5 , 21 by 14.85 centimetres
Language: German
Pages: 122 Fold outs: 3
Known changes: Änderung 1, 2, 3
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General remarks:
The operating manual for the newer portable synthesized SEM 52-S, also covering the SEM 52-S/Fz that is the vehicular version of this set.
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I do not make a business of selling these - I try to adhere to bartering. However, I do set a certain value for these digitally enhanced copies. I found the item, bought it - or got it on loan - scanned the whole thing in at high resolution, cleaned up the resulting pages (quite a job sometimes) and still have to print them. Mind you, it's worth all my work, these copies are good. Better then the scans you find elsewhere. And if I work from a copy to start with, my results normally look better the the material I started out with. Look here for an example page, from an original manual - probably not the manual offered here.
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Remarks on scan:

Available - but be advised that in my copy some pages were missing:
1 & 2, 15 & 16
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