PRC 601 & PRC 604
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PRC-604 - Tadiran

I know hardly anything about these Israeli radios yet - but they are at the moment (October 2001) available from Helmut Singer for a very interesting price. To quote from Singers web site:

The PRC 601/604 was developed by Tadiran (Israel) to replace the AN/PRC6 radio set. The PRC 601/604 is fully transistorised, it has 6 crystal controlled channels (crystals not available) in the frequency range of 47...57/53...76 MHz. Power output is 1 W minimum, power supply by (not available) rechargeable NI-CAD battery.
Very heavy, rugged construction, optical condition not very nice. No choice between 601 and 604, they look identical.
Dimensions : 90mm (W) x 180mm (H) x 50mm (D). Weight: 1 kg.
As is: 18,73 (appr. US$ 18.-) Taxes are not included

If you want to order some for yourself, visit Helmut Singer, and follow "current goods", "categories", "transceivers", "Tadiran PRC601/604".

As Singer says, they cannot discern between the two models. Understandable, because in demilling the name plates have been destroyed with a grinder. It turned out that all four I got were PRC-604's - after opening up the model is displayed on an internal label. They came without any extra's, so no antenna, not headset, no NiCad batteries and no crystals. However, I was lucky and did find one forgotten crystal. It's a CR-83/U housing and in order to reach the wanted frequency one has to add 21.5 MHz to the crystal frequency.
If anyone knows of a source for the CR-83/U crystals, please drop me an e-mail. Also any further information on both the PRC-601 and PRC-604 is more then welcome!

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