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This section is not yet complete. Within vehicular installations, there were other headsets, still to be documented.

Apart from loudspeakers, handsets and headsets the system comprised two audio junction boxes to be used in small vehicles, quite different from the standard intercom junction box described elsewhere. The second one of these is still to be described.

Verteiler NF (Audio Junction Box) Vers.-Nr. 5820-12-158-7654

Local amplifier for speaker and handset/headset use, often mounted on the dashboard governing the radio mounted in the rear of the vehicle. No access to channels, just audio on the preset frequencies.
Only mentioned in special manuals describing small vehicle set-up.

Left volume control indicates it would be for loudspeaker use, right side indicates handset. However, as they have the same connector-number (70) is would seem likely that these are actually interchangeable.
As it needs it's own power-in, it would seem that this Audio Junction Box was not part of a standard installation, where all power lines are used for equipment outlined in the various diagrams in the manuals.

External controls and connectors
Connector 2: Power in
Connector 51: Signals & controls in
Connector 70: Audio out left side
Connector 70: Audio out right side
Volume control left hand side
Volume control right hand side
Fuse 0,5 A
Height: XX mm; Width: XX mm; Depth: XX mm; Weight: XX Kg
(SEL serienr.: 1235.07789) Good condition.

Sprechsatz-Funk (Headset) Vers.-Nr.

Handapparat (Handset)

Handapparat (Handset)  Vers.-Nr. 5965-00-163-9947

The standard H-33F/PT, with a 1.5 meters coiled cable ending in a straight U-77/GR connector. Manufactured by SEL.
NSN must be wrong as this is an USA version!

Handapparat (Handset)  Vers.-Nr. 5965-12-140-8091

The standard H-33F/PT in green, with a long - 5 meters - coiled cable ending in a angular U-127/U connector. Manufactured by SEL.
This handset was used on the outside of a vehicle.

Handapparat (Handset)  Vers.-Nr. 5965-12-140-8031

The standard H-33F/PT in black, with a longer - 3 meters? - coiled cable ending in a angular U-127/U connector. Manufactured by SEL.
Use unknown.

Dynamischer Lautsprecher (Dynamic Loudspeaker) Vers.-Nr. 5965-12-140-3279

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