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The SEM 25 is the vehicular transceiver, the SEM 35 is mainly meant for man pack use, but can also be fitted within vehicles with it's own mounting. The EM 25 is the vehicular receiver meant to partner with the SEM's in more complex installations.

Basically, the SEM 25 and SEM 35 are two very different, though still closely related, radios.
The SEM 35 is basically designed for man pack use, working on batteries. But it can be mounted on it's own mounting, in order to use it within a vehicular set-up. Nearly all comments and possibilities for the SEM 25 then become also true for the SEM 35.

The SEM 25 is not portable, but mainly used within vehicles. There is also evidence it will have been used in other situations, as there is a mains power supply.

As both radios are often used within the same installations and share a great number of auxiliary parts, I will treat them in the same section of this web site.

Audio accessories for the SEM 25/35 radios are not spectacular, but I try to document them. 
Then, there is a page on the various configurations that can be made with these radios.
The SEM 25 and SEM 35 share a number of specialized test sets. I'm in the process of describing those.
Antenna's is a different subject again. The Antenna Tuner cannot be missed when using the SEM 25.
In armoured vehicles you will find the Intercom system - it has it's own page.
Remote Control - no military radio can do without. The SEM's have their own set.
For the SEM 25 there is a pretty neat spares box. I've described it's contents.
A full set-up needs a lot of cables. Read all about them.
And those cables have a staggering number of connectors. Again, a page.

Not yet included: special configurations and their specialized apparatus - the SEM's were used as the basic workhorse, so you will find stuff like telex-converters - and packaging for sets and parts.

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