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SEM 25, EM 25 and SEM 35 can be used either stationary, vehicular and as a man pack. So power options are, as to be expected, various.
There is a special power supply meant to be used for stationary installation, working of the mains. And no doubt there will be solutions for generator power.
Batteries for portable use are only needed for the SEM 35 - and can be either standard batteries or rechargeable B30.

But vehicular power is more complex. Because here two different trains of thought seem to collide...
With a SEM installation in a large vehicle one does not have to worry about it's actual power-consumption, it is low compared to other parts in the system. However, power can be a problem with big spikes and other anomalies, as other parts will be using lots of it, like for instance motors turning the turret.
Smaller vehicles have much cleaner power - but here the actual consumption of the radios gets to be a problem - so special batteries for the radio are installed. Now the problem is actually overseeing these extra batteries and make sure they are at all times in prime loading condition, as they are not a part of the main power system.

Überspannungsschutz (Transients Filter) Vers.-Nr. 5920-12-141-1217

Also called Transientenschutz.
The transient filter finds it's place between the vehicular battery and the transceivers / intercom system. It will trip if higher voltages then allowed occur in the power lines. It also acts as a power distribution point, with four outlets.
Whether this is actually used depend on the vehicular set-up. Heavy vehicles, where all sorts of spikes are to be expected from turret motors for instance will have these. Accidentally, these heavies also sport batteries large enough not to have to worry about the power use of the radios.

Smaller vehicles will have a set of extra batteries especially for the radio - or radios. And then we find different set-ups, see Configurations...

External controls and connectors
Switch - to re-arm the transient filter after being tripped by too high voltages.
Connector 1: Power In from vehicular battery
Connector 2: Power out
Connector 2: Power out
Connector 2: Power out
Connector 2: Power out
Fuse () (Internal:)

Dimensions: Height: 142 mm; Width: 250 mm; Depth: 93 mm; Weight: 2,93 Kg

(SEL serienr.: 1245.05176) Good condition, shabby painting.

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