SEM 25
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Sende-Empfangsgerät SEM 25 (Transceiver System) Vers.-Nr. 5820-12-139-5158

The SEM 25 needs several parts, to make a minimal and usable transceiver. Without the Transceiver Control Box and the Transceiver Mounting - that actually contains a number of electronic parts - and their interconnecting cables the transceiver itself will not be operable.

Sender-Empfänger 25 (Transceiver) Vers.-Nr. 5820-12-141-1226

It uses three tubes:

V1: 6111; V2: 5639; V3: QQE 03/12

External controls and connectors
Connector 3: Multiple band cable number 3  to Mounting.
Connector 73: Standard audio for emergency operation. No loudness control on headphones. When the S/E-Bediengerät (Transceiver Control Box) is mounted on the transceiver itself, this connector is not accessible.
Height: 222 mm; Width: 268 mm; Depth: 255 mm; Weight: 15,17 Kg
Gehäuse (Housing) SE Vers.-Nr. 5820-12-142-1751
Bausteinträger (Parts carrier) SE Vers.-Nr. 5820-12-142-1752
      V1: 6111
      V2: 5639
      V3: QQE 03/12
N.F. Verstärker (Audio amplifier) Vers.-Nr. 5820-12-142-1761
Mod.-Verst. (Modulation amplifier)Vers.-Nr. 5820-12-142-1760
ZF-Teil (?) SEM 25/35 Vers.-Nr. 5820-12-142-1757
Frequenz-Aufb. SEM 25/35 (Frequency ?) Vers.-Nr. 5820-12-142-1758
Empf.-Stromv. (Receiver power supply) Vers.-Nr. 5820-12-142-1759

S/E 25 Grundplatte (Transceiver Mounting)

This mounting is rather different - it has a number of electronic modules inside.

Height: 120 mm; Width: 320 mm; Depth: 300 mm; Weight: 11,52 Kg
External controls and connectors
Connector 2: Power in
Connector 3: Multiple band cable to transceiver
Connector 10: Antenna Tuner Control
Connector 14: Antenna signal from Antenna Tuner
Connector 16: To Transceiver Control Box
Connector 17: Unknown
Connector 51: To amplifier
Connector 52: Daisy chains to other transceiver or receiver
Fuse (SI) 1: 2 A
Fuse (SI) 2: 6,3 A

S/E-Bediengerät (Transceiver Control Box) Vers.-Nr. 5820-12-141-1255

Normally bolted onto the front of the transceiver, attached by a very short cable. But that cable is also available in lengths up to ten metres - and can be even longer under special circumstances, up to twenty metres is mentioned in some documentation. As the Transceiver Control Box handles all functions of the transceiver, this means full control can be exercised from a rather long distance. This trick was for instance used in order to give a tank commander his own radio, to be controlled fully by him. Still, that transceiver can also be used through the intercom system.

Height: 174 mm; Width: 228 mm; Depth: 75,5 mm; Weight: 3,00 Kg
External controls and connectors
Connector 16: To Transceiver Mounting
Connector 42: Audio accessory
Connector 42: Audio accessory

S/E-Haube (Transceiver Cover) Vers.-Nr. 5820-12-141-1256

Cotton duck cover for the transceiver. Slides over the transceiver; bottom contains elastic shock cord to keep it in place. Front can be opened with two zippers, has fastener to fix it in opened position.

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