SEM 35
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SEM 35 Sende-Empfangsgerät (Transceiver)

The SEM 35 is the portable transceiver of the family. It consists of the actual transceiver and either completion set number 3 or completion set number 5, for vehicular or portable use respectively. It seems likely that all vehicular installations would also carry completion set number 5 for emergencies. Of completion sets 1, 2 or 4 nothing is known up to date...
For use of two SEM 35 transceivers as a relay station, there is also a relay set, consisting of cables, control box and carrying bag.

Always keep in mind that many vehicular configurations would have a SEM 35 with a mounting as one of the fixed transceivers - or that a mounted SEM 35 could even be the only transceiver within a vehicular set-up. 

Sender-Empfänger 35 (Transceiver) Vers.-Nr. 5820-12-147-1936

External controls and connectors
Height: 359 mm; Width: 270 mm; Depth: 125 mm; Weight: 8,40 Kg
The main housing of the transceiver is connected by four clips to the battery/power box underneath.
SE Gehäuse (Housing) SEM 35 Vers.-Nr. 5820-12-147-1937
NF-Teil (Audio Module) SEM 35 Vers.-Nr. 5820-12-147-2242
ZF-Teil (?) SEM 25/35 Vers.-Nr. 5820-12-142-1757
Frequenz-Aufb. (Frequency ?) SEM 25/35 Vers.-Nr. 5820-12-142-1758
Wanne (?) SEM 35 Vers.-Nr. 5820-12-147-1938
Stromversorg. Einsatz SEM 35 (Power Module SEM 35) Vers.-Nr. 5820-12-147-2239

Ergänzungssatz 3 (Completion set 3) Vers.-Nr. 5820-12-148-1450

Completion set number 3 makes it possible to use the SEM 35 portable transceiver in a vehicle. With the four included cables the SEM 35 can be connected to the electrical connections on the mounting, after strapping it down. The mounting in it's turn contains all the connectors needed to tie in the combination in a vehicular station, combining it with the SEM 25 and EM 25 sets, actually taking the place of one of the two possible SEM 25 transceivers. Still, the SEM 35 can be taken from it's mounting within thirty seconds, to be used as a portable installation with the other completion set, number 5.

SEM 35 Grundplatte (SEM 35 Mounting) Vers.-Nr. ?

External controls and connectors
Height: 135 mm; Width: 298 mm; Depth: 340 mm; Weight: 7,90 Kg

NF-Kabel 21 (Audio Cable 21) Vers.-Nr. 5995-12-148-3104

Steuerkabel 22 (Control Cable 22) Vers.-Nr. 5995-12-148-3103

Stromversorgungskabel 20 (Power Cable 20) Vers.-Nr. 5995-12-148-3102

HF-Kabel 23 (Antenna Cable 23) Vers.-Nr. 5995-12-148-3101

Ergänzungsausstattung 5 (Completion set 5) Vers.-Nr. 5820-12-147-9915

Completion Set number 5 has all the parts to use the SEM 35 transceiver as a portable installation, including an extra battery box. The following data were compiled from TDv 5820/061-13 and AnlBlAAN-VersNr 5820-12-147-9915.

Rückentragetasche (Backpack) Vers.-Nr. 5820-12-147-6720

Dimensions: Height: 395 mm; Width: 380 mm; Depth: 150 mm; Weight: 1,80 Kg

Batteriebehaelter (Battery Holder) Vers.-Nr. 5820-12-147-2240

Often found without it's type plate.
Dimensions: Height: 107,6 mm; Width: 135,8 mm; Depth: 75 mm; Weight: 1,45 Kg including batteries

Handapparat H-33E,F/PT (Handset H-33E,F/PT) Vers.-Nr. 5965-00-163-9947

Dimensions: Weight: 0,51 Kg

Stabantenne (Antenna, Short) Vers.-Nr. 5985-12-146-6451

AT-272/SEM 35
The sort antenna, ribbon, can be folded.
Dimensions: Length: 910 mm;  Weight: 0,22 Kg including Mount

Grundplatte, Antennenstuetze (Antenna Mount) Vers.-Nr. 5985-12-146-6452

AB-272/SEM 35
For short antenna

Faltbare Stabantenne (Antenna, Long) Vers.-Nr. 5985-12-146-6453

AT-271/SEM 35
The long antenna, in seven sections with internal spring-loaded metal wire.
Dimensions: Length: 2500 mm; Weight: 0,37 Kg including Mount

Grundplatte, Antennenstuetze (Antenna Mount) Vers.-Nr. 5985-12-146-6454

AB-129/SEM 35
For long antenna

Relaisstellenzusatz SEM 35 (Relay Set SEM 35) Vers.-Nr. ?

Tragetasche (Carrying Bag) Vers.-Nr. ?

Dimensions: Height: 165 mm; Width: 182 mm; Depth: 148 mm; Weight: 0,40 Kg

Relaisstellen-Bediengerät (Relay Control Box) Vers.-Nr. ?

External controls and connectors
Lautstärkeeinsteller (2x)
45 (2x)
46 (2x)
Dimensions: Height: 154 mm; Width: 162 mm; Depth: 72 mm; Weight: 1,30 Kg

Verbindungskabel (2) (Connecting Cables (2)) Vers.-Nr. ?

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