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There is a spare parts box for the SEM 25 - not for the SEM 35. However, this is not to be compared to the elaborate spares boxes of earlier radios. The tubes in the SEM 25 are not part of it - actually, the operator is not allowed to open the radio. It just holds fuses, lamps and some other small parts that may go missing in daily use.

Vorratskasten (Spare Parts Box) Vers.-Nr. 5820-12-141-1297

Also found as:
Vorratskasten (Spare Parts Box) Vers.-Nr. 5820-12-141-1251
Difference not known to me.

Schlüssel für Kanaleinstellung (Wrench for channel selection). Vers.-Nr. 5820-12-141-1300
Lampenzieher (Lamp puller). Vers.-Nr. 5120-12-141-1296
Schlüssel für Sicherungshalter-Kappen (Wrench for fuses holders). Vers.-Nr. 5120-12-141-1301
Lampen (lamps) 24 V; 0,08 A; BA 9s; 5 Stuck (each). Vers.-Nr. 6240-12-135-0796
Sicherungshalter-Kappen (Fuse holder caps) 2 Stuck (each). Vers.-Nr. 5920-12-144-1926
Abdecklinse (lamp cover). Vers.-Nr. 6210-12-141-1298
Abdecklinse (lamp cover). Vers.-Nr. 6210-12-141-1302
Sicherungen (Fuses) 5x20 mm, mittel (middle) 0,2 A 10 Stuck (each). Vers.-Nr. 5920-12-124-8786
Sicherungen (Fuses) 5x20 mm, mittel (middle) 1 A 10 Stuck (each). Vers.-Nr. 5920-12-132-2556
Sicherungen (Fuses) 5x20 mm, mittel (middle) 2 A 10 Stuck (each). Vers.-Nr. 5920-12-133-7038
Sicherungen (Fuses) 5x20 mm, mittel (middle) 6,3 A 10 Stuck (each). Vers.-Nr. 5920-12-121-1110
Sicherungen (Fuses) 5x20 mm, mittel (middle) 12,5 A 10 Stuck (each). Vers.-Nr. 5920-12-142-8054
Height: 48 mm; Width: 140 mm; Depth: 140 mm; Weight: 0,73 Kg

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