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SEM 52-A
SEM 52 S
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SEM 52 family

Actually, "SEM 52" is a good  example how messy a numbering system can get. Originally, there was only one SEM 52, a crystal controlled six channel small strap on radio, first to be seen around 1971. However, less then ten years later a newer version of the SEM 52 - with six synthesized frequencies to be set internally - appeared, being called the SEM 52-S. And the original SEM 52 was then renamed SEM 52-A.
So, in older documentation the SEM 52 will be mentioned, without the A suffix, but in newer manuals you will find SEM 52-A. Speaking of manuals, when the SEM 52-S came into existence it got to share the numbering of it's manuals with the SEM 52-A. So, older manuals will be numbered f.i. TDv 5820/107-13, being the main user handbook for the SEM 52, later known as SEM 52-A. The same manual knows a later reprint, named TDv 5820/107-13 Band I, dedicated indeed to the SEM 52-A. And of course the SEM 52-S is covered in TDv 5820/107-13 Band II. 

To complicate things even more, the newer SEM 52-S has two versions, as there is also a SEM 52-S/Fz - described on the page dedicated to the SEM 52-S. 

Even more recent is the SEM 52-SL, with 12 channels and more sophisticated means of programming the frequencies.

Lastly, one can even find the SEM 53 mentioned, which was developed as a prototype in 1972 but never got into production.

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