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Versorgungsnummer (NSN numbers)

Most SEM parts have identification numbers - quite often the easiest way to positively identify a certain part. All numbers known to me appear in numerical order in the list here, linked to their descriptions. Some numbers have been replaced over the years, old numbers are also included.
As the manuals I own do not show the Versorgungsnummer I can only give those on equipment I actually have access to, this list therefore is incomplete.
Some parts have no Versorgungsnummer - I surmise they are not meant to be accessible to the lower echelons of repair.

German Versorgungsnummer - often shortened to Vers.-Nr. or even VS - follow the international NATO standard, known as NSN. Americans know this to stand for National Stock Number, in Europe it is more correctly called Nato Stock Number. It's a complicated numbering system, with basically three parts. The first four digits give the nature of the artefact. For a list of these numbers see: Thanks to Mark Blair!
The second group of two digits tell us where it was manufactured; it's a country code. 12 stands for Germany. (Find the full list and link it!)


One thing making these Versorgungsnummer awkward is the military habit to try and number everything! There is a number for the complete system, there is a number for different parts and there are numbers for different configurations. And sometimes I do find different numbers what to me seems to be the same item - no doubt because my documentation is not complete enough to find the differences between these.
Apart from the Versorgungsnummer there seem to be several other numbering systems that I have not looked into up to now.

Old and new numbers mixed up

Also, note that in some cases old and new classifications mix, for instance when it comes to antenna rods - Mast Sections. The old MS-116 and its brethren are used in the SEM system and here it is known as 5985-00-199-8831. The MS-117-A even has two Versorgungsnummer, for reasons unknown. However, one might surmise that the 5820-00-199-8843 number has been given out erroneously, as it does not fit the standard as laid out in the document mentioned earlier.

The list!

I try to link this list to all descriptions, but some items listed here have only been found mentioned in manuals - they have no description yet and therefore are not linked. The first two items actually seem to have an incomplete Vers.-Nr. - however, this is how they are marked...

12-124-1427: Kurbel für Feldkabel-Trommel (Handle for Field Wire Reel)
12-133-4887: Tragevorrichtung für Feldkabel-Trommel (Carrying Bracket for Field Wire Reel)

5120-12-141-1296: Lampenzieher (Lamp puller) Vorratskasten (Spare Parts Box)
5120-12-141-1301: Schlüssel für Sicherungshalter-Kappen (Wrench for fusesholders) Vorratskasten (Spare Parts Box)

5820-00-199-8843: Antenne Stab MS-117-A (Mast Section) (Also: 5985-00-115-7149) Antenne-Standbetrieb SEM 25/35 (Fixed Antenna)

5820-12-139-5158: Sende-Empfangsgerät SEM 25 (Transceiver System)
5820-12-139-5229: Antenne-Fahrzeugbetrieb SEM 25 (Vehicular Antenna)
5820-12-139-5233: Zusatzausstattung, Fm Gerät, Funkgerät SEM 25, Satz 2 (Unknown, TDv 5820-045-13, also 5820-12-147-1076)
5820-12-139-5234: Zusatzausstattung, Fm Gerät, Funkgerät SEM 25, Satz 1 (Unknown, TDv 5820-045-13, also 5820-12-147-2243)
5820-12-139-5253: Bediengerätgruppe, Funkgerät, Satz, Typ FBG 25 SEM (Unknown, remote control or extra vehicular control?, TDv 5820-045-13)

5820-12-140-4068: EM 25 Empfangsgerät (Receiver System)

5820-12-141-1226: SEM 25 (Transceiver)
5820-12-141-1251: Vorratskasten (Spare Parts Box) (Also 5820-12-141-1297)
5820-12-141-1252: Antennen-Abstimgerät (antenna tuner)
5820-12-141-1255: S/E-Bediengerät (Transceiver Control Box)
5820-12-141-1256 S/E-Schutzhülle (Transceiver Cover)
5820-12-141-1257: Fernbesprechgerät (Remote Control Box)
5820-12-141-1258: Ortbesprechgerät (Local Control Box)
5820-12-141-1259: Segeltuchtasche FBG (Carrying Bag Remote Control Set)
5820-12-141-1294: Haltevorrichtung (Harness)
5820-12-141-1297: Vorratskasten (Spare Parts Box) (Also 5820-12-141-1251)
5820-12-141-1300: Schlüssel für Kanaleinstellung (Wrench for channel selection) Vorratskasten (Spare Parts Box)

5820-12-142-1751: Gehäuse (Housing) SE (SEM 25)
5820-12-142-1752: Bausteinträger (Parts carrier) SE (SEM 25)
5820-12-142-1757: ZF-Teil (?) (SEM25/35)
5820-12-142-1758: Frequenz-Aufb. (SEM 25) (Frequency Generator) (SEM 25/35)
5820-12-142-1759: Empf.-Stromversorgung (SEM 25) (Receiver power supply)
5820-12-142-1761: N.F. Verstärker (SEM 25) (Audio amplifier)
5820-12-142-1760: Mod.-Verst. (SEM 25) (Modulation amplifier)

5820-12-147-1076: Zusatzausstattung, Fm Gerät, Funkgerät SEM 25, Satz 2 (Unknown, TDv 5820-045-13, also 5820-12-139-5233)
5820-12-147-1936: SEM 35 (Transceiver)
5820-12-147-1937: SE Gehäuse (Housing) SEM 35
5820-12-147-1938: Wanne (?) SEM 35
5820-12-147-2239: Stromversorg. Einsatz SEM 35 (Power Module SEM 35)
5820-12-147-2240: Batteriebehaelter SEM 35 (Battery Holder)
5820-12-147-2242: NF-Teil (Audio Module) SEM 35
5820-12-147-2243: Zusatzausstattung, Fm Gerät, Funkgerät SEM 25, Satz 1 (Unknown, TDv 5820-045-13, also 5820-12-139-5234)
5820-12-147-6720: Rückentragetasche (Backpack)
5820-12-147-9915: Ergänzungssatz 5 (Completion set 5)

5820-12-148-1450: Ergänzungssatz 3 (Completion set 3)

5820-12-149-2543: Antenne-Standbetrieb SEM 25/35 (Fixed Antenna)

5820-12-150-0308: Antenne Fuß / Abstimmgerät Tragetasche (Antenna Base / Tuner Carrying Bag) Antenne-Standbetrieb SEM 25/35 (Fixed Antenna)
5820-12-150-0309: Antenne Staben Tragetasche (Mast Sections Carrying Bag) Antenne-Standbetrieb SEM 25/35 (Fixed Antenna)
5820-12-150-0310: Antenne Kabel Tragetasche (Antenna Cables Carrying Bag) Antenne-Standbetrieb SEM 25/35 (Fixed Antenna)
5820-12-150-8941: Halte Seil (Lanyard) Antenne-Standbetrieb SEM 25/35 (Fixed Antenna)

5820-12-158-7654: Verteiler NF (Audio Junction Box)

5820-12-159-7525: Montageplatte - Front plate for Local Control Box, spare (5800405-0031.001 - 1 15 20/1)
5820-12-159-7531: Montageplatte - Front plate for Remote Control Box, spare (5800406-0031.001 - 1 15 20/2)

5830-12-141-1250: B.V. Verstärker (Intercom Amplifier)

5920-12-121-1110: Sicherungen (Fuses) 5x20 mm, mittel (middle) 6,3 A 10 Stuck (each) Vorratskasten (Spare Parts Box)
5920-12-124-8786: Sicherungen (Fuses) 5x20 mm, mittel (middle) 0,2 A 10 Stuck (each) Vorratskasten (Spare Parts Box)
5920-12-132-2556: Sicherungen (Fuses) 5x20 mm, mittel (middle) 1 A 10 Stuck (each) Vorratskasten (Spare Parts Box)
5920-12-133-7038: Sicherungen (Fuses) 5x20 mm, mittel (middle) 2 A 10 Stuck (each) Vorratskasten (Spare Parts Box)

5920-12-141-1217: Überspannungsschutz (Transients Filter)

5920-12-144-1926: Sicherungshalter-Kappen (Fuseholder caps) 2 Stuck (each) Vorratskasten (Spare Parts Box)

5920-12-142-8054: Sicherungen (Fuses) 5x20 mm, mittel (midle) 12,5 A 10 Stuck (each) Vorratskasten (Spare Parts Box)

5965-00-163-9947: Handapparat (Handset)

5965-12-140-8031: Handapparat (Handset) 3 meters coiled cable, angular connector

5965-12-140-8091: Handapparat (Handset) 5 meters coiled, angular connector

5965-12-140-3279: Lautsprecher (Loudspeaker)

5985-00-115-7149: Antenne Stab MS-117-A (Mast Section) (Also: 5820-00-199-8843) Antenne-Standbetrieb SEM 25/35 (Fixed Antenna)
5985-00-199-8831: Antenne Stab MS-116-A (Mast Section) Antenne-Standbetrieb SEM 25/35 (Fixed Antenna)
5985-12-140-3988: Antenne Stab MS-118-A-K (Mast Section) Antenne-Standbetrieb SEM 25/35 (Fixed Antenna)
5985-12-146-6451: Stabantenne SEM 35, kurz (Antenna, Short)
5985-12-146-6452: Grundplatte, Antennenstuetze SEM 35 kurz (Antenna Mount, Short)
5985-12-146-6453: Faltbare Stabantenne SEM 35, lang (Antenna, Long)
5985-12-146-6454: Grundplatte, Antennenstuetze (Antenna Mount)

5995-12-147-1056: 1-Batterie, Kabel 3 (Battery Cable)

5995-12-142-1803: Kabel 72 Ortsbediengerät (Cable 72 Local Control Set)
5995-12-142-2868: 51-52, Kabel 56, 25 cm, S/E zum S/E (Tranceiver daisy-chain)

5995-12-143-1106: 14-14, 6,5 mtr. Antennenkabel (Antenna Cable)

5995-12-148-3101: 23-23, 5,9 mtr. HF-kabel (Cable, Antenna) SEM 35 Ergänzungssatz 3
5995-12-148-3102: 20-20, 20 cm. Stromversorgungskabel (Cable, Power) SEM 35 Ergänzungssatz 3
5995-12-148-3103: 22-22, 25 cm. Steuerkabel (Cable, Control) SEM 35 Ergänzungssatz 3
5995-12-148-3104: 21-45, 30 cm. NF-kabel (Cable, Audio) SEM 35 Ergänzungssatz 3

5995-12-150-1016: HF Signal Kabel (Antenna Signal Cable) Antenne-Standbetrieb SEM 25/35 (Fixed Antenna)
5995-12-150-1017: Antennen-Abstimgerät Kontrolle Kabel (Antenna Tuner Control Cable) Antenne-Standbetrieb SEM 25/35 (Fixed Antenna)

5995-12-156-9122: Massenkabel (Ground cable) Antenne-Standbetrieb SEM 25/35 (Fixed Antenna)

5995-12-174-9322: 2-2, ? mtr. Stromversorgungskabel (Power distribution)
5995-12-174-9323: 51-51, 7,2 mtr. Stromversorgungskabel (Power distribution)

5995-12-180-6375: 10-1/10, ? mtr. Antennen-Abstimgerät Kontrolle (Antenna Tuner Control)
5995-12-180-6383: 51-51, ? mtr. Signals and controls. Hooks up B.V. Verstärker (On-board Communications Amplifier) to Grundplatte (Mounting)
5995-12-180-6386: 16-16, ? mtr. Transceiver/Receiver Control Box
5995-12-180-7883: 51-52, ? mtr. Signals and controls. Daisy-chains multiple sets
5995-12-180-7884: 2-2, ? mtr. Stromversorgungskabel (Power distribution)

6135-12-135-3399: BA-30 L, VG 95233 Battery 1,5 Volts (Standard Monocel)

6135-12-301-4455: Batteriekasten SEM52S
6140-12-140-6493: GSZ 3,3, VG 95230 NiCad rechargeble battery

6210-12-141-1298: Abdecklinse (lamp cover) Vorratskasten (Spare Parts Box)
6210-12-141-1302: Abdecklinse (lamp cover) Vorratskasten (Spare Parts Box)

6625-12-145-5485: Bordsprech-Prüfgerät (Intercom Test Set)

6240-12-135-0796: Lampen (lamps) 24 V; 0,08 A; BA 9s; 5 Stuck (each) Vorratskasten (Spare Parts Box)

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